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Google Flights is a search engine tool where anyone can find low airfare flight tickets. By Google Flights tool, you can search for multiple airlines approximately 300. If you are looking for low airfare flights so this tool is better than other tickets booking portals by which you can save till 50% of the money. 

This tool is very easy to use. So, when we look at it in broader terms, there are so many features it claims to have. Anyone can use it to find the cheapest airfare on the internet. We will focus on the 360 spectra of Google Flights.

So, here we are going to present you everything about Google Flights. We will begin with the flight search page which is the main page. Since when flight booking is the major highlight of our post, we will explain it in in-depth details.  We are then moving on to the menu. Now we have the framework, let’s start.

Table of Contents Google Flights

  1. Google Flights: Guide to Google Flights
  2. Options in Google Flights
    • Bags
    • Stops
    • Airlines
    • Prices
    • Times
    • Sort by
    • Connecting Airports
    • More
  3. Google Flights Features
    • Date Grid
    • Price Graph
    • Airports
    • Track Prices
  4. What other features Google Flights offer?
    • Trips
    • Hotels
    • Flights
    • Explore
    • Packages

The guide to Google Flights Search

So when you can go to the Google Flights directly or search it on Google search engine. It is your choice. Now to make you understand everything good in Google Flights, we need to explain with an example. So, here’s what we are going to do. 

We will take an example of a flight from Washington D.C to San Francisco. The dates are going to be between 1st November to 10th November 2019. The Number of passengers is one, and it is a round trip with the economy class.

Now, let’s get started. Visit Google Flight, by default you will land on the flight page. Here put Washington D.C in the departure option. As you are typing, you will get suggestions to choose a particular airport. 

We will have to select all the airports. In the arrival option, type “San Francisco”. The dates as we said before will be between 1st Nov to 10th Nov. Click on search. The flights results will appear. We are going to explain the features and the options one by one and you get to know everything.

What options offered By Google Tool?


This is the first option. If you click on it, you are going to see two options. One is carry-on bag, and the other one is checked bag. For one passenger, you can add ‘each one’ in both of the option. For this route we have taken, if we add one in carry-on bag and one in checked bag, the price of the flight will increase. It helps to determine the cost of a trip before you book. 

So when you are booking flights for yourself, you can check the flight airfare instantly here. Google Flights does a pretty good job here. Let’s move on to the next one.


In simple words, what kind of flight do you want for this trip. Let’s take an example Google Flights presents you four options for it. They are

  • Any number of stops
  • Direct only
  • 1 stop or fewer
  • 2 Stops or fewer

So, It is your choice of selecting the type. Let’s say we want the flight list of non-stop flights only. Then Select it, we see all other options have disappeared.

Similar if we choose the ‘One-stop or fewer,’ other flight options disappear. Many travelers prefer direct flights, as it takes less time to reach the destinations.


Everyone has different choice in food, travel etc. So does for airlines. In this option, you get to choose a specific airline. Here you are presented with two choices. Alliance and Airlines. The alliance is a community form from different airlines. There are three on Google Flights. They are SkyTeam, OneWorld and Star Alliance. Then it gives you a list of the airlines for the particular route you have chosen.

Accordingly, as we see the list, there is American Airlines, and Delta Airlines and more. There are more but we chose a few of them to show you. However, you can ask why you need to select a particular. Well there is one benefit which is very famous. To gain the mile for a specific airline. So, if you want to choose a specific flight, do it from here.


It’s a simple one, but very important. Specially, You drag the bar to the left to get the price set under a specific budget in your mind. The example we have taken above has a largest amount of $2600. Google Flights have presented you with a flexible price tag.


Hence, you might have decided a particular time to take your flight. This option gives you the ability to do it. You can choose it for outbound flights as well as return flights. There is an option for both departure and arrival.

Sort By

Therefore, The option to rank the flights as per under specific trait. There are total five of them. You get to choose the best flight, price, departure time, arrival time and duration. Selecting one of them will shuffle the list of flights. For example if we choose the price, then Google Flights will present the lower price flight first.

Connecting airports

In this option, you get to choose the destination for layover. You can remove those places which you wouldn’t like to get for layover. In the case, people use it for visiting any other at free of cost. So, to understand it better, you can see the frontier airlines. It is a fifteen-hour flight with the Night layover in Denver. Here, Now you can visit Denver for free. If you want to remove it from the list, go to connections airports, choose it to remove.


This is the last option in Google Flights in Flight results page. So, there are two things here. First one is the flight duration which you can drag from left to right to set a specific flight time. Any length is the default option to choose. 

Then there is option to choose the types of tickets. There are two options, Show separate tickets and hide separates tickets. If you read the mini description on the website, it is telling you, it is cheaper to buy flights as separate tickets. But again, it is your choice. Google Flights gives you many options to reduce your flight prices.

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What are Features of this Tool?

Now, we have completed the Options. It’s time to explore the feature now. They hold more importance. Here, we need to find the lowest prices for the trip, so, let’s explore them now. There are a couple of them which will be explained one by one. We will use our earlier example to understand these features in a better perspective.

Date Grid 

The first feature of Google Flights to use. When we click on it to look for the prices, we can see there are cheaper dates around two days ago with prices going down. So, you can see how useful it is. Yet, one need to willing to adjust its travel dates for getting low prices. Otherwise this feature is no use. You can scroll right or by clicking on the arrow symbol.

Price graph 

Now, the feature from Google Flights, which is unique. A user gets to see the price trend of flight prices here for a month. This is a simple definition of this feature. You can even choose the number of days to see how prices will change. 

For example, we can see the price will be high at the end of November. A user might be thinking, how can this help you? Let’s say you are searching for a flight route for which the prices are volatile. So using this feature, you can actually see when will be the costs are going to low. Google Flights keep the records the past flight prices so that you can be assured of its authenticity.


In the beginning we told you about the choice of selecting a particular airport. It is the same option, but much broader. You can choose a specific airport for the destination. Airports as well as origin airports. If we look for the origin airports. We can see there are Washington airports and Richmond airport. The prices are shown as well, in case you decided to travel from somewhere. The price could get cheaper if an airport is presenting it.

Track prices 

This is the best feature presented by Google Flights. You can track expenses as they change for a particular trip. Let’s say we choose to follow the flight airfares for our example. When we enable it, Google Flights will begin sending the updates. When you see the prices are lowest, you can book the tickets.

Finally, this was a complete explanation of Flight search page. As we can see why Google engine tool is the first choice of many travelers. Its option and features are so detailed and easily understandable; you have no problem in using them. As we said before, now let’s see what other option on the menu are.

What other features Google Flights offers?

Google Flights search

Trips – To see the history of the journey you have been searching.
Hotels – To book a Hotel, use this option.
Flights – we have explained it above.
Explore – If you want to gather information for tourist attraction for a destination, this is the best option to do it.
Packages – For Booking a combo of Hotel and flights for a destination. 

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