Guide on Google Flights To Find Cheap Flights

Travelers around the world are familiar with the top-flight search engine on the internet, which is Google Flights. Every time some wants to fly, they at least one time go to Google Flights search looking for those cheap Flight search.

It is one of the most powerful flight search engines which exists on the internet. It features an easy way of search has made it top choices among the users and Guide on Google.

When it was launched back in 2011, it has limited features. However, as grow, there were some revolutionary features added. In 2018, it went through revamp, getting some more features to help users finding those cheap tickets, which were not available till now.  This guide on google we have created for you, help you to find those cheap flights on Google flights, hopefully.

Guide on Google

What are Good things about Google Flights?

There are several advantages in Google Flights listed below:

  1. It is very fast – This one you can try for yourself. Compare then flight search engine result with any site, google flights displays months of fares in fractions of a second, which in other site take time.
  2. Have you tried Calendar fare view – Simplicity is What Google Flights special, you can see the cheapest flight prices over 12 months simply by scrolling.
  3. You can search for multiple airports – This feature is quite unique in Google Flights. You can add up to 7 origins and seven destination airports in one go. It won’t slow down your speed of flight search.

 As there are plenty of useful features in Google Flights, there are some things in which it lags behind. We will see what they are.

What Are Bad Things In Google Flights? Guide on Google

  1. It does not show the lowest airfare every time – By now, you would have known, Google flights gather its flight prices from multiple sources, then Show them to you. It searches the fare directly from the top online travel agencies and the airline’s website. The travel website can be Orbitz or Expedia. Sometimes the cheapest fares are found out on smaller travel website, which is not searched by Google flights, hence not showing the most reasonable flight rates.
  2. Not able to find Mistake Fares – Sometimes airlines or travel website can put wrong airfare for a route. Google flights sometimes are not able to find those mistake fares at all. These mistake fares could located on the smaller flight search website.
  3. Some deals are not available – Sometimes, what you will see, there is a deal on Google flights with a fixed price, but when you click on it to book it. There is no website to book, or the prices increased. You may find a number to call, but it won’t work. This whole phenomenon is termed as “Ghosting.” However, it rarely occurs on Google Flights when a price was showing, but after some time, it disappears.

So, you can Google flights have both advantages and disadvantages. Now we will have tutorials. As we have already told you, Google flights search for flight prices nearly every first website like Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz. We will begin with simple things then move on to complicated stuff.

What are the options when you are searching for a flight?

When you are searching for flights in Google Flights, you will come across these options. We are going to explain it to them. When you know about these options, they can help in finding cheap flight deals. Here we will tell them in little. But do not think they are not useful.

  1. Bags- To choose how many bags you are taking with you during flight.
  2. Stops – Select nonstop flight, flight with one-stop or two stop or fewer.
  3. Airlines – If you have a favorite airline, choose it from here. There is an option to select an alliance as well.
  4. Price – If you have a budget for flight tickets, restrict it from here.
  5. Times – if you want to take your flight in the morning or evening, this is the option to look for.
  6. Connecting airport – Option to filter out layover airports from here.
  7. More – In this option, you can choose flight hours and the opportunity to show or hide separate tickets.

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