Secret Methods to Find the Cheapest Flights

7 Inside  Secret Methods to Find the Cheapest Flights

Before you say anything about these methods, we wanted to clarify one thing.   They are tested well; they work well. So, here is the thing. We have some secrets methods which we have found to get a cheap flight deal.  When you are going to know all these secrets, we are sure; you won’t have to spend hours to find out these deals. They will present themselves in front of you to take the deal. 

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Of course, the research was laborious;  and the results are more fruitful. However, there is one thing we wanted to say before we embark on this journey, you need to be flexible with your dates, and maybe location. Bear with us; we will tell you the reason behind it. 


  • Comparing the prices 
  • Skipping your Destination
  • Buying a Ticket Again
  • Flexible Dates
  • Purchasing the tickets in seven-week Advance

Comparing the prices

We will start with the easy ones first.  When you see the price on a travel website, many things are going on behind it. You see these websites are  OTA(Online travel agents). They act as a middleman between you and airlines. Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Momono are some of the travel sites, where you can compare the prices. 

These OTAs platforms do hard bargaining before presenting the prices in front of you. If you ask about our favorite, Google Flights is on the top of our list. Its flawless interface, easy way of searching the flights, are some of the reasons behind it. It’s a powerful tool to find cheap flights as well. 

Skipping your Destination

So,  the official term of this method is called ‘Skiplagging.’ How does it work? Let’s say you want to go to ‘New York’ From ‘Los Angeles.’ However, the price is high for this route. Now, what you can do about it?  Now you will buy a ticket to a different location from Los Angeles, which is cheaper than LA to NYC. Then there is a layover in NYC. You book a flight but Disembark in NYC. You did not finish your journey, but you aimed to save dollars, which you did. This is not a popular method among travelers, but we are telling you this secret method. 

So, when you find a flight expensive next time, why don’t you try it next time. However, do not try it every time, rather than for specific trips. 

You are repurchasing a Ticket

What if you could buy a ticket from a site where another travel had sold the tickets because it could not be used for some reason.  It’s like selling things on the internet then again bought by another consumer. There are many travel sites which provide the services. Sparefare.ennt and are some of them. When you can find your cheap flight, give these websites a try. Although there is no guarantee, you are going to find the best deal. Using them is simple.  One traveler’s last-minute cancellation could be a boon for you. 

Flexible Dates | Cheapest Flights

Remember, we told you about being flexible with your dates and destinations. This is where you need to use it.  Whenever you are traveling, there is always some dates, on which the prices are going to below. So, if you are determined to save some money, book your flights on those dates. Google Flights Date grid is a perfect example of this method. It shows you the prices for every day. The low prices are in green color, and a higher airfare is in Red. 

So, these are the secret methods we wanted to tell you to find the Cheapest Flights on the internet. In our next blog, we will share more of these methods with you. 

Buying the tickets in seven-week Advance 

According to some travelers who frequently travel around the travel, if you purchase the tickets at least 50 days early. You will pay at least 10% less than the average price. These data were revealed by examing the 2017 ticket sales in the united states of America. So now you know we are not talking randomly. However, it is not guaranteed but aims to a trend of buying those tickets early.

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